Groovy Studios, a Trevelino/Keller creative brand, was developed in response to a growing client base consistently asking for a range of creative executions completed with the same level of responsibility and financial stewardness that they feel sets T/K apart from other firms. And so we listened, staffed up, invested in technology, walked before we ran, and we are now off to the races, responding to a constantly changing range of creative needs. In some cases, they complement our current public relations work. In other scenarios, they serve as the starting point to a more fully integrated engagement.

By Definition, Groovy means excellent, awesome, tubular, hip, wonderful, attractive — all descriptors that most brands want some association with in this social economy that’s driving business and marketing decisions

So rest assured, while some of us may have surfaced from the 60s and have a warm and groovy spot in our hearts for that rebellious and rambunctious era, you’ll find us fairly buttoned up when it comes to the deliverable.


We work hard to be relevant in our thinking, purposeful in our creative, open-minded in our collaboration and thoughtful in terms of pricing. Of course, we’re always happy to meet in our studios. They’re groovy cool!


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